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For the past 27 years we have been committed to helping those who do not have a voice.  We are the voice of the domestic violence victim whose life is in danger or whose life was taken by violence. 

We are committed to helping those victims escape abuse.  We are the voice of the child who has been sexually assaulted (sometime by a family member). 

We are also committed to working with local law enforcement and school official to stem the trend of bullying in our school systems. 



Rachel Wims,         President and CEO                                                                                                  

PHONE: 301.351.7028

VRF Corporate Sponsors:

Bold Concepts, Congressional Bank and Hughes

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  • Holding prayer vigils to comfort family members of slain or injured victims following violent attacks.
  • Raising reward funds to assist law enforcement in apprehending culprits of violent crimes.
  • Providing comfort to families throughout drawn-out legal proceedings that often take place months or years after an alleged culprit is apprehended.
  • Providing burial assistances for victims and their families.
  • Providing funds for professional medical care for victims or their families.

Chronological History of


  • 1996 VRF created after three young women where murdered and bodies dropped on side of the road in Greenbelt Maryland
  • 1998 VRF raised $70,000.00 to pay hospital bill for 5 year old hit and run victim
  • 2000 VRF held two prayer vigils at the National Zoo for youth who was victim of gun violence
  • 2002 VRF raised $ 500,000.00 for victims of the Sniper Shootings in the Washington DC Metro Area
  • 2004 VRF attended trail of 9 year old murder victim killed in her home
  • 2006 VRF walked to 400 homes with composite of man who killed 8 year old child in front of his Grandmother
  • 2008 VRF partnered with the City of Gaithersburg and Women Who Care Ministries for Domestic Violence Workshop
  • 2009 VRF launches Anti-Bullying campaign "in the in the Washington DC Metro Area
  • 2010 VRF raised $5,000.00 for reward for the murder of a Senior Citizen in Bethesda, Md.
  • 2011 VRF walks to 400 homes with composite of man police think raped two senior citizens ( VRF announced $5,000.00 reward )
  • 2012 VRF delivered 100 wheelchairs to policeman in Ecuador
  • 2013 VRF partnered with Sheriff Department in Montgomery County, Md
  • 2014 VRF completed construction of preschool in Kenya, Africa
  • 2015 VRF celebrated 20 years of volunteer service
  • 2016 VRF partners with Rotary International to promote girl's education
  • 2017 VRF preschool in Kogelo, Kenya opens
  • 2018 VRF Board of Directors appoints Ms. Rachel Wims as President and CEO
  • 2019 VRF breaks ground on new community library in Kenya
  • 2020 VRF march with community to protest Police brutality
  • 2021 VRF held 20th anniversary to honor victims of the DC sniper shootings
  • 2022 VRF held several prayer vigils for victims of Fentanyl overdoses
  • 2023 VRF implemented mentoring sessions for Parent who lost kids to gun violence


  • Gregory Wims
  • Rachel Wims
  • Gary Bailey
  • George Nash
  • Carolyn Shackleford
  • Kevin Wimsatt
  • Galo Correa Jr